Episode: 007 Teen Megan like it big and deep
Video Added: 01/01/10
[RussiansLikeItBig] 007 Teen Megan like it big and deep
Starring: Megan
Megan is a hot Russian teen that is always looking for hot and great sexual experience but here she was kinds of anal virgin and never tried it in the ass before when is friend made the proposal she told him that he was too big to get in there, but after several try it finally take is way up her ass and she was loving it.

[Sineplex] Milk Junkies 4 Scene#1
[Sineplex] Milk Junkies 4 Scene#1
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Talents: Jane & Lola, Joachim Kessif
Lola and Jane super cute nasty sluts milk farting on each others assholes! Joachim opens the ass...

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72023 Anal teen angels backstage - 2
Release date: 2008.11.26
Starring: Nena, Amber, Kelsie, Kamilla
[AnalTeenAngels] v72023 Anal teen angels backstage - 2
Imagine a house full of (semi-)naked chicks smoking, chatting, posing and teasing the camera... If you think this is true heaven on earth, you're wrong, because this is AnalTeenAngels shooting! So enter now and check out Kelsie and Kamilla having fun or cute red riding hood Amber and little witch Nena before their scene!

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72005 Anal teen angel Kelsie and Kamilla
Release date: 2008.07.09
Starring: Kelsie and Kamilla
[AnalTeenAngels] v72005 Anal teen angel Kelsie and Kamilla
Kamilla and Kelsie, these two kinky schoolgirls have a few trick on how to spend the afternoon: they simply go down on each other for some hot pussy licking and fingerfucking. But wait... it seems something's missing!? How about a huge dick, ready for some fucking good action? Kamilla and Kelsie will surely share it, as good friends do. And the same applies to cum as well, they kiss each other wildly and get their pretty faces and mouths all messed up with it in this cumswap threesome!

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72004 Anal teen angel Kelsie
Release date: 2008.09.17
Starring: Kelsie
[AnalTeenAngels] v72004 Anal teen angel Kelsie
Kelsie is a kinky girl who'll receive an unforgettable anal experience shortly. Her bf lubes up that tight hole of hers, using first one, then two of his fingers. A moment later a dildo comes into the view, making her rectum ready and Kelsie enjoys every minute of her ass getting probed. After a great deal of rimming, she literally begs to be fucked and offers her sweet little ass for the guy...!

ep2 2008-08-29 Lesbian Fisters
Jane and Juliana Grandi
[FistingInAction] ep2 2008-08-29 Lesbian Fisters
Jane is a ferociously sexy beauty who shows off a lot of her body as she models her new lingerie outfit. Of particular note is the fact that she is wearing no panties, allowing us ready access to her hot shaved twat and perfectly formed ass. Her body looks so good; you could just… sink a fist right into her. Which is exactly what her girlfriend proceeds to do, fucking her pussy and ass with her arm. Her twat might be tight in the beginning, but by the time her girlfriend finishes the slutty wet job, she will be able to take nearly anything inside her. The same goes for her luscious ass, which is delicately expanded as her lesbian lover softly slides first one finger, then two, then her entire hand up Jane’s lickable and fuckable rear. These dykes certainly don’t need a dick to have a good time!

Studio: Sinsational
Release Date: Mar 06, 2008
Starring: Jane , Wiska , Prima , Rafaella , Stefania , Noell , Frisky Cat , Anisha
Description: New girls, the best angles, and lots of anal. This is the only Noell video. Adult stars also making their debut in this video: Frisky Cat.

Episode: v16053 Teaching Candy Strong
Name: Candy Strong, Jane F.
[TeachMeFisting] v16053 Teaching Candy Strong
Well, look who's visited us today! It's a stunning babe, with huge tits and kinky eyes... and I cannot believe she has never tried out fisting before! Hey, why not do it now and teach her some trticks? Our 'handy' helper Jane will surely teach her some!

Episode: v16052 Teaching Malina
Name: Jane F., Malina
[TeachMeFisting] v16052 Teaching Malina
Malina is a newcummer, she just started porn shootings. And we invited yet another new girl to teach her to the secrets of fisting. So, what are you waiting now, just check out the videos!

Episode: TeachMeFisting v16002 Teaching Jane
Name: Jane
[TeachMeFisting] v16002 Teaching Jane
Ay, ay, ay, Jane is looking for her fisting Tarzan, and she will find him soon! I’ll be her Tarzan and as I put on my rubber gloves the fun could start! She starts with some pussy fingering but we feel it’s really slim for a fisting experience. So Alexander and I encourage her to use even more fingers until her whole hand slowly slides into her red-hot, fiery hole. Feeling comfy, honey? Make room for Tarzan as well! It seems she could handle my size of hand as well, she happily bends forward to receive my fist from every angle. Now, that’s the kind of girl a fisting Tarzan would immediately get for himself!