Episode: v10026 Kinky at the bathroom
date: 10 Oct 2005
Name: Dorina
[PeePeeBabes] v10026 Kinky at the bathroom
Bathrooms have a special atmosphere that easily inspire me to have really kinky thoughts. This time I played with every items that were around, from body lotion to glasses, even the decoration stones got involved... And I was so naughty I tried pissing as well...

Episode: v10008 Sporty
date: 30 May 2005
Name: Dorina
[PeePeeBabes] v10008 Sporty

Nowadays I work out a lot, because I want to have a tight and fit body. I especially like to work on my pussy muscles, training me vagina and my pee muscles as well!

Episode: v16016 Teaching Dorina
Name: Dorina, Evelyne Foxy
[TeachMeFisting] v16016 Teaching  Dorina
Dorina, our lady love… She’s a captivating young sweetheart – who’s capable of the most extreme things. I knew she loves anal and she no problem with peeing for the camera, but I didn’t expected she won1t have any trouble with fisting… As we were shooting, her tiny pussylips parted and we saw her slit open up to make way for Romana’s rubber-covered slippery hand. That was one helluva sight, you could be sure. We truly hope you’ll be as excited as we were when seeing this blonde beauty getting a thorough pussy fisting lesson from us!