Episode: AssholeFever v8013 Summertime sex
Release date: 2005.11.14
[AssholeFever] v8013 Summertime sex
Starring: Avril
Fresh meat for our guys! Look at this little Avril, she's fresh and horny, just the type we like! And she's not afraid to stretch her little pooper and swallow the biggest dicks she has ever met in her entire life...

Episode:CreampieReality v27003 Anal training of Avril
Name: Avril
[CreampieReality] v27003 Anal training of Avril
So guys, here am I, with a nice anal workout for Avril. How about some anal speculum? It surely would stretch her a bit before James would get into her tiny teen asshole... So just sit back and enjoy her scene!

Episode: v16149 Teaching Avril
Name: Avril, Kissy
[TeachMeFisting] v16149 Teaching  Avril
Avril has been a good student and she practiced a lot after our first lesson. Now she's back to try out our novelty fucking machine and to get a full fist pussy stretch from one of our most energetic fisters, Kissy. If you like nasty-minded but shy-looking teens, Avril is definitely your girl, so don't hesitate to check out her latest appearance on our pussy stretching site!

Episode: v16010 Teaching Avril
Name: Avril
[TeachMeFisting] v16010 Teaching Avril
See that? A little girl who thinks of herself that she's old enough to try all things including fisting. She's here today to get the ultimate stretch. And we're more than happy to offer her everything we could do. So, why not get started? First, our regular baseball bat comes into the picture, and with a bit lube, she seems to cope with it quite easily. Hmm, that's surprising… All right, now let's get down to brass tacks, here comes Zoli with his rubber glove again! This time Avril's teen pussy doesn't open up so smoothly, Zoli's hand is a bit too big for her. But she's enthusiastic and wants his to insert it deeper and deeper – until we manage to do it. Now Avril could call herself fistable – bravo, little girl!