Roxy Raye Pretty Sloppy: Sandra & Roxy Part 2
Added 03/08/2014
[Roxy Raye] Pretty Sloppy: Sandra & Roxy Part 2
Featuring: Roxy Raye, Sandra Romain
Here is the continuation of the Sandra Romain and Roxy Raye video part 2. Sandra and I are still at it! I give her cunt some more good tastings before I rail her ass with the John Holmes dildo, making her gape wide. She even presents me with her sexy little ass rose to suck and lick clean. More big dildo use, mouth to mouth spitting, gapes and lots of raunchy dirty talking. She finishes me off with plowing my ass and then my pussy. I scream with pleasure as I prolapse, pushing it out for her to push it back in with her tongue. It felt so amazing to submit to her that I had to release my orgasm with a nice big pussy squirt. Hope you enjoy! and Thanks to Jay Sin for filming this naughty action!