[Roxy Raye] A New Kind of Stimulation

Roxy Raye A New Kind of Stimulation
Added 02/07/2014
[Roxy Raye] A New Kind of Stimulation
Featuring: Roxy Raye
I was able to get a little taste of what electrical stimulation felt like once before while filming on the kink website. I absolutely loved the shocking sensation it would put my body through, I just had to have a electrical device for my own use. I had a machine I bought a while ago and was lucky enough to have a fan get a much more upgraded version of another machine for me. I was excited to give it a try but I wanted to do it on camera. I placed the electrode pads on various parts of my body, first on my tits, making them bounce with shocking pleasure up and down. Leaving the pads on my tits, I also place 4 more pads on my butt cheeks. I turn the electrical machine way up and it stimulates my whole body, even my pussy and ass. I have never felt such an amazing feeling running through my body without having to do much to myself. It was time to try a couple other toys that came with the electrical set. I plug in the shocking nipple clamps and electric butt plug, both were amazing sensations! I thought I would add to the fun and give my pussy lots of action in this video with my fist and a couple other huge toys. All the stimulation I was getting from my big black dong and all the electricity running through my body left me with an intense squirting orgasm. I'm loving this thing so far!



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