[Roxy Raye] Camshow Replay, Dec 23 (Live Cooking Special)

Roxy Raye Camshow Replay, Dec 23 (Live Cooking Special)
Added 12/26/2013
[Roxy Raye] Camshow Replay, Dec 23 (Live Cooking Special)
Featuring: Roxy Raye
Here is my last live cam show replay from December 23rd. This was a nice long, special live show I did that just happened to be in the kitchen. This live show is all about anal cooking class. I decided to first make a cocktail with my ass. I open up a speculum wide and pour in the necessary ingredients to make a very dirty martini, I even added extra olives. I take my glass and squeeze the martini contents from my ass, literally making the best martini ever. It was time to work with my food ingredients. I decided to make a chicken ass omelet, so my ingredients that I brought out were; eggs, peppers, mushrooms, a chicken leg, grape tomatoes, cheese block and a cold stick of butter. A few extra food items that weren't in my actual meal but still played with were a big grapefruit and a seedless cucumber. I use each food item in my holes, "marinating" them with my ass juice. Once I get all the foods coated with my lovely juice it's time to create this yummy dish in the pan. I even straddle my big vibrator and have an amazing clitoral orgasm, while tasting my delicious omelet. This show was a blast! My shows are always free to members, so make sure you keep an eye open for my next show. Hope to see you at the next one.



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