[FistingInAction] ep46 2010-04-26 Vanessa's Fisted Vag

ep46 2010-04-26 Vanessa's Fisted Vag
Vanessa and Winnie
[FistingInAction] ep46 2010-04-26 Vanessa's Fisted Vag
You may know Vanessa from a number of Orgymax scenes (and if you don't you better fucking get on that and check her out!), but today she's making her Fisting In Action debut with one of our professional in-house fisters, the always down-for-anything Orgymax babe Winnie. After a solo show, showing us her (soon to be violated) goods, Vanessa sits her pretty blonde self back on the couch and experiences what this whole fisting thing is all about - and yep, she takes the whole fist! Winnie's the expert here, so she leads Vanessa through some intense fisting in multiple positions, even getting an excited thumbs up from her subject while her pussy is gobbling that entire fist up. That's not all, however, because as any FIA fans out there know, the fist is just the warm-up before the monster dildo comes out and stretches those pussy walls even more! For the hottest lesbian fisting aroound, Fisting In Action is the place to be!


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