[Roxy Raye] Being Slutty at the Fun Center

Roxy Raye Being Slutty at the Fun Center
Added 12/08/2012
[Roxy Raye] Being Slutty at the Fun Center
Featuring: Roxy Raye
I headed over to a fun center to try and have a little naughty public fun while playing an assortment of games. I always get majorly horny whenever I do anything in public. I was taking a more of risk this time by fisting myself, using plugs and even getting fisted right in a public center like this. There were a few spots I was able to get into and use my big butt plugs and my fist. I got to play a little of the basketball hoop game while my big blue ball was in my ass. For every basket I got in the hoop, I pushed the blue ball a little more out of my ass. I then went over to the miniature golf course and had some fun a few of the holes. One of the holes was right next to a busy highway and I went ahead a got my plugs and fucked myself right in front of the moving traffic, hoping to be seen by someone. I then found a little area where it was somewhat a little more covered so I could get fisted hard in the corner but still seen by the highway. It was right next to a waterfall so I apologize for the water noise. Fuck, I sure love playing out in public! Where should I go next? :-)



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