[FistingInAction] ep12 2008-11-07 Lara Gets Fisted

ep12 2008-11-07 Lara Gets Fisted
Lara and Juliana Grandi
[FistingInAction] ep12 2008-11-07 Lara Gets Fisted
Little Lara – sweet, innocent, barely legal, and perverted as hell! There’s no guy in her freshman college class she hasn’t had so far. Looks can be so deceiving! There are, however, a couple of things she hasn’t done before. One of those things is fisting. Although she’s always dreamed of having a nice fist buried in the confines of her snatch, she has never been able to convince a guy to do that to her. Anyway, she thinks it might be best to start out with a woman – someone who understands how delicate it can be down there. Someone with a fist that’s not too big – but big enough to do the trick! So she asks one of her sorority sisters if she’d be down – and thankfully, not only is she down, but also she is willing to be photographed doing it!


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