[FistingInAction] ep9 2008-10-17 Wet and Willing

ep9 2008-10-17 Wet and Willing
Aida and Juliana Grandi
[FistingInAction] ep9 2008-10-17 Wet and Willing
Anyone need a nice fist inside them? Aida certainly does. Her pussy is so wet with anticipation that she hardly needs any lubrication. We found just the slut to fist Aida’s drippy wet cunt. She’s going to get it good and hard tonight. We’ll start out slow – just a few fingers at a time, until we manage to fit the whole hand in. Once you’re there, then the cunt has embraced you, and you’re free to slide in up to your wrist. Women like Aida love the feel of a nice fist “punching” their insides. Once you see how hard she cums, you’ll understand why there are so many lesbians out there. Two women just know how to please each other so much better than a guy with a dick, and the secret lies in the fist!


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