[ExplosiveDildoStories] This Filthy Blonde Likes To Lick

ExplosiveDildoStories This Filthy Blonde Likes To Lick

[ExplosiveDildoStories] This Filthy Blonde Likes To Lick
Starring: Jessica Miller
Do you like cream? Most people do especially over a delicious dessert, but this filthy blonde likes to lick it from a super-sized dildo. She teases and tempts as she slowly peels off her top, revealing pert boobies followed quickly by discarding her scanty panties. Reaching for the tin of cream, this dirty minx squeezes out a huge dollop onto the top of this bulbous dong and with a wicked glint in her eye, her tongue snakes out and licks it clean. More cream is added and she smears some onto her slim body, massaging it in before taking the cream-covered dong and tickling her cunt with it. She slowly pushes the humongous dick inside her sweet cunt her juices mixing with the cream to make the ultimate dessert sundae! Yummy!

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