[RoxyRaye] Blonde Roxy Gets Man Handled

RoxyRaye Blonde Roxy Gets Man Handled
Added 05/12/2011
[RoxyRaye] Blonde Roxy Gets Man Handled
Starring: Roxy Raye
Since this week I was short an extra hand, my partner and I decided to station the cam on a tripod and go to town with some real, raw action. I've been such a nasty girl as of late and it was time that I was used and abused to someone else's liking. I loved the feeling of bending over and letting someone else take the lead for a change. I think this was the first time I had ever been stretched out that far! I enjoyed every minute of getting my ass fisted, fucked, spanked and destroyed with an assortment of big toys.. oh and not to mention the blonde change of hair for this video Hope you guys enjoyed the stationary raw video! I know I did :)

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