[GapeLand] v92043 Anal training of Karen & Ioana

Episode: GapeLand v92043 "Anal training of Karen & Ioana"
Release date: 2011.05.12
Starring: Ioana, Karen
[GapeLand] v92043 Anal training of Karen & Ioana

Ioana is such a sad puppy. Her boyfriend left her and she feels herself ugly and useless. She is lucky that her friends are there to pull her out from the misery. Karen and Ian proves Ioana that she is very pretty and some people are still care about her, while they lick, and fuck the girls pussy and ass, leaving them dripping with cum.



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2 Comments for [GapeLand] v92043 Anal training of Karen & Ioana

2012i Offline 13 May 2011 09:25
nice winked
choiuno Offline 16 May 2011 14:12
I feel like there are less scenes with creampies each day

Nice one
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